Parish Board

Parish Board, First Parish in Brookline, 2019-2020
Back row (left to right): Bob Williamson, Ellen Blaney, Dave Dermjian, Stephen Pratt-Otto, Charles Sandmel, Micaela Coady  
Front row: Gene Thompson-Grove, Karla Baehr, Janet Britcher

What exactly does the Parish Board do? According to our bylaws, the Parish Board's responsibilities are to call congregational meetings, supervise and support the minister, appoint and collaborate with committees, prepare the annual budget, oversee the use and maintenance of church structures and grounds, and act in the interest of the members of First Parish in Brookline. Over the last year, this has meant welcoming a new minister, working with the minister to support staff, preparing a budget, holding our Annual Meeting, supporting and engaging in our work with  DEEP, and working with all members of the church on the issues that affect us.

For 2019-2020, the nine members of the Parish Board are:

  • Gene Thompson-Grove (Chair)
  • Janet Britcher (Vice Chair)
  • Charles Sandmel (Treasurer)
  • Karla Baehr (Clerk)
  • Ellen Blaney
  • Micaela Coady
  • Dave Demerjian
  • Stephen Pratt-Otto
  • Bob Williamson

We are guided in our decisions by the FPB mission and in all our interactions by our Board covenant, which reads:

To be our best selves and do our best work we will:

  • Mission: Commit to the three parts of the Mission (Called by Love, Sustained By Commitment, Committed to Justice) in order to accomplish meaningful work and so that our decisions are always values-driven
  • Generosity and Forgiveness: Bring a spirit of generosity for self and others that creates a safe space for all
  • Space: Make space for all kinds of voices and ways of engaging
  • Honesty: Bring and welcome honesty and challenging questions
  • Limits: Take responsibility individually and collectively to set limits and ask for help
  • Joy: Nurture spiritual growth, personal connections and joy

Parish Board meeting dates for the 2019-2020 church year are:

  • Sunday, October 6
  • Tuesday, November 5
  • Sunday, December 8
  • Tuesday, January 7
  • Sunday, February 2
  • Tuesday, March 3
  • Sunday, April 5
  • Tuesday, May 5
  • Sunday, June 7

Sunday times are from 1-3 pm, and Tuesday times are 7-9 pm – all meetings are in the Dana Room unless otherwise posted.

Parish Board meetings are open to church members - please join us! You can also find minutes from our past meetings on our Reports page.

Feel free to email us at with questions or with anything you would like the Board to consider.