Support Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU)

First Parish in Brookline is committed to supporting Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism!

BLUU has challenged congregations across the country to contribute $10/member to dismantling racism in Unitarian Universalism. We are committing to doing our part by meeting or exceeding the UUA challenge to contribute a congregational gift equally $10 per member, or a total of $2,700.

To show our support, we are centering our fundraising for BLUU to happen while we are holding our annual canvas, or pledge campaign. This is an “and” situation where we are asking all of us to give what we can to BLUU and to FPB.

Give what you can. Every gift, of any size, is gratefully received. Click the Donate button below to make your gift to BLUU online. Our Sunday service offering on March 25th will also go towards our $2,700 goal to support BLUU.

The Parish Board voted at their February meeting to make a minimum commitment of $2,700 to BLUU. We will collect what you offer, and the Board will meet any gap that remains. Yes, we have already donated to BLUU this year, and, yes! we are committed to this challenge grant as well.

A Glimpse Behind the Challenge From the UUA website:

"Unitarian Universalism has benefited from the system of white supremacy that advantages white people and white institutions. In the late 1960s, Unitarian Universalism was asked to take steps to address the silencing and marginalization of Black Unitarian Universalists. Though there was an initial affirmation of this commitment, the commitment went unfulfilled and the promise was broken.

"More than 45 years later, the UUA Board of Trustees moved to fulfill those broken promises with a financial commitment to Black Unitarian Universalists.

"The Board made this commitment with the understanding that it is for Black Unitarian Universalists to determine for themselves what is needed and how it will be accomplished.

"The Board’s action also supports the 2015 General Assembly’s approval of an Action of Immediate Witness entitled “Support the Black Lives Matter Movement.” This commitment supports the work of bringing the “beloved community” into reality and supports the growing edge of our faith.”

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