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Moving toward Reckoning and Repair

The Racial Justice Action Committee spent 2020 – 2022 researching and working to understand the history of First Parish in Brookline related to the enslavement of Indigenous and African peoples and the dispossession of Indigenous land. 

Our collective heritage, from which we benefit today, include the building, grounds, and wealth stemming from the actions of our congregation’s early members.

The unsettling history we have uncovered may well prompt strong feelings, troubling thoughts, and unexpected reactions.  We encourage questions and comments. Please send them to us at:

To capture something of the process of our congregation’s early reckoning with this history, we have organized the audio, visual, and written resources in chronological order, based on the timing of the presentations.

This work resulted in a Resolution adopted at the May 2022 Annual Meeting:

We, the community of First Parish in Brookline, covenant to continue to learn about, acknowledge and work to repair the historic and ongoing moral and material harm to Black and Indigenous people and communities.  

This harm has resulted from centuries of subjugation and systemic institutional policies and practices that have led to significant racial gaps in wealth, health, criminal punishment, education and enfranchisement.

During this journey, we commit to be guided by and be in relationship with the leadership of Black and Indigenous organizations and individuals.
Interested in learning more about the research and work underway to reckon with our past and repair the ongoing damage it has helped cause? Interested in joining this effort? Reach out to us at: