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Annual Pledge Campaign


These are surely challenging times for our community and for our hurting world. With the Coronavirus pandemic, the high-stakes 2020 election, plus environmental and humanitarian crises worldwide, we need each other and this beloved spiritual home now more than ever. The covenant we make with one another has never been more important:

We give ourselves one unto another, covenanting to walk together as a congregation,
promising faithfully to watch over one another, and to delight for love to abide in our midst.

Each year we ask every member of our community to make a pledge for the following year to sustain the work and mission of First Parish. A Canvass Team member will reach out to you to talk about what First Parish means to you, the amount of the pledge you can make, and how your connections here can grow and deepen in the weeks and months ahead. We hope these conversations offer you a chance to connect with a friend you already know, or to meet someone new.

Many of us may not realize that First Parish spends $5,000 annually in programming and operating costs for each of the 125 households that contributed during last year’s Canvass. This $5,000 pays for all that we experience at church: our minister and staff, spiritual activities, social justice work, music, small group ministries, religious exploration, pastoral care and more. The average pledge to support our community is $3,000, with some considerably higher, up to $30,000. Contributions at a higher level make it possible for First Parish to be the diverse community that we aspire to be and still offer rich programming. Please know that all of your contributions to our beloved community—financial and spiritual—are welcome and appreciated. People contribute in many different ways and everyone is always welcome here at First Parish.

Please join us in supporting this healing, energizing and justice-seeking community—a community we all need now, more than ever.

In faith and community,

Your 2020-21 Canvass team:

Karla Baehr, Micaela Coady, Whit Larrabee, Steve Pratt-Otto, and Rev. Lisa Perry-Wood

We urge you to make your pledge this year online.

If you have questions about the campaign, please email