Pastoral Care Team

First Parish in Brookline is expanding our pastoral care team as part of our goal of broadening our culture of care and deepening our engagement here.  Jean Ashland, Ellie Boynton, Jon Hazilla, Fiona Lovell Horning, Sophia Johansson, Paul McLean, Hank Reisner, Dorothy Richardson, Mary Rogers and Laura Walters have all been trained to join our ministers in providing a compassionate listening ear.  We support people in times of transition, stress, change, loss, illness, or death.  We reach out to people we haven't seen in a while or just people feeling less connected than they would like to be.  If we reach out to two people each month, for a one time visit, we could well reach out to the majority of the congregation over the next year.  We seek to be a calm and comforting presence wherever such a presence is needed.  Please contact the ministers or the church office if you would like a visit.  And please welcome us when we reach out to you.


Ministry is a congregation-wide practice at First Parish, serving our own spiritual community and the larger community and world. This congregation puts its beliefs into practice through care and action, organized and led by the Ministers, our Pastoral Associates and Social Action Team.

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