Communication Options for Committees and Groups

On Wednesday, August 23, 2017 First Parish will no longer use listserv technology. Please know that future communications will be handled as follows:

  • Congregational Communications including the Newsletter and Weekly Update will come from MailChimp.

  • RE Communications for individual classes will be handled by email, but you’ll need to reply all and/or create a group in your email contacts for the class.
  • Committee Communications can be handled any number of ways and each committee should plan to discuss and decide individually. Some options are: email groups/reply all; Facebook groups; Google groups; Slack, Skype, or other group messaging technology. Important note: email addresses for committee chairs (for example, ) will continue to work.
  • Other groups (like book club, yoga) can communicate through MailChimp if you want, or choose one of the options listed under Committee Communications.

With our move to MailChimp, you can easily manage your own First Parish subscriptions. You can choose to receive one or all of the following communications by clicking on the “Manage subscriptions” link at the bottom of any email:

  • Newsletter
  • Weekly Update
  • Among Us
  • Spiritual Sustenance
  • General RE communications
  • Special notices (like cancellations due to weather, etc.)

Options for Group Communication:

  • Google Groups - Google groups are similar to our old listservs however every member is required to have a Google account of some sort. This is our recommended choice and you can ask Ellie to set them up by emailing . (This helps us keep information in a central repository as group membership changes.)
  • Create an email group in your contacts - most email programs allow you to create a group within your contacts. From there, you can use Reply All to have a group discussion.
  • Facebook Groups - Anyone can create a Facebook group for group discussion/chat. All members must have a Facebook account.
  • Skype group chat - facilitates group chat. Everyone must download the app.
  • Slack - facilitates group chat. Everyone must download the app.

There are many other communication tools like Slack that are out there (WhatsApp, regular text messaging, etc.). If anyone finds a particularly effective one please let me know.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ellie Boynton at .