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Members Meeting on Financial and Environmental Sustainability at First Parish

June 1, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Your Parish Board is excited to bring to you two proposals that will lay the foundations for church financial and environmental sustainability for years to come.

And we need YOU there to vote on these proposals that will allow the Board to withdraw from the endowment up to $47,100 in FY22 for this work. We need over 80 members present at the meeting to hold this vote.

By voting on these on June 1, we can work this summer on research, collaboration and discernment and provide YOU the information that WE can discuss together starting next fall.

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Attend the meeting on Zoom

Here is some information in advance of the meeting:

Environmental Proposal Statement of Intent

Environmental Proposal Phase One (FY22) Project Plan

Finance Committee recommendation to the Board

Board Meeting notes on proposals

Proposal for the vote

Financial Sustainability Proposal

Thank you for your fellowship and your dedication,

Your Parish Board – Janet Britcher (co-chair), Bob Williamson (co-chair), Margaret Williams (Treasurer), Karla Baehr (Clerk), Alfred Brownell, Emily Cherry, Micaela Coady, Jen Guillemin, and Steve Pratt-Otto