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FAQ: Annual Pledge Campaign

We have answered some frequently heard questions below. If you have other questions about the campaign, please email

What does my pledge pay for?

75% of our nearly $600,000 budget is for personnel, programs and administration. As you are probably aware, our staff has gone above and beyond to maintain our thriving community. Without skipping a beat, Rev. Lisa has become a virtuoso virtual minister; Keith and his amazing crew draw us in with glorious music and Ebiere and Adam ensure that everything administrative remains up to date.

How much of our budget is devoted to caring for our building?

A total of 25% or $150,000, is devoted to caring for our beautiful and historical building. It includes maintenance and repair and well as utilities and grounds keeping.

How much should I pledge?

To every household, a meaningful pledge means something different. The average pledge per household last year was about $3,000. The total cost per pledging household to run our program is $4,000.

Do contributed and endowment income and rentals cover all our expenses?

No, our annual budget shortfall is usually about $135,000 per year. In short, we spend $135,000 more than we make.

How can I help?

If every pledging household increased their current giving by 10% a year for the next two years, we would balance our budget.