Giving to First Parish

Members come up with the best reasons for supporting First Parish financially:

“I make an annual pledge because of the music, the fellowship and the ways it gets me to think more deeply about life.”

“First Parish is an antidote to our society’s rampant commercialization and a comforting spiritual community for our family. It is a place we can find common ground in terms of our values and principles.”

“The First Parish community is important to my soul.”

“Although my spiritual life is mostly internal, I like having an external institution to support this internal life. I recognize there is a cost for this—and I want to do my part—for me and my family.”

As First Parish has grown in membership and outreach, annual expenses for the congregation’s ministries, educational and charitable work, and operations have grown to more than a half-million dollars. Pledges are the main source of financial support. And we’re grateful for generosity in all its diverse forms.

Ways to Give:

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