Welcoming Hospitality

The Welcoming Committee Serves It Up

The Welcoming Committee is a group of people with a mission to support newcomers and to encourage membership and foster a congregation-wide spirit of radical hospitality. We are the people you typically see wearing the rainbow stoles on Sunday mornings as we welcome and connect with you, and you with others. Please seek us out with any questions about the congregation you may have.

Our committee recently decided to add to the regular fare provided by the church by preparing food ourselves for you. You may have noticed the homemade cookies, crackers and dip (yes, even the crackers are homemade), the kid-friendly sandwiches, and luscious fresh fruit. We are also trying to offer (at least) one hot dish in addition to our other sumptuous fare. We had many requests for the recipe for the Vegetarian Sweet Potato Black Bean Casserole, so we decided we would make available our recipe(s) to you.

Recipe for Vegetarian Sweet Potato Black Bean Casserole

With this food we welcome you to our church home. May you find peace and nourishment here with us. If you would like to help prepare food, please contact the Welcoming Committee.

And if you would like us to add your native language to our Bon appétit greeting below, please let us know what it should say (and tell us what the language is).

Bon appétit, Bon apeti, Buen provecho, Buon appetito, Enjoy your food!