Cooperative Religious Exploration for Children, Youth, and Families

Faith Formation at First Parish in Brookline is embraced by the community as a place of connection and growth at every age. The goals of the Religious Exploration program are to help each person develop a respect for her or his own self worth, concern for others, an enjoyment and appreciation of worship, reverence for the sacred and all life, rich and meaningful spiritual life, and an enduring connection with Unitarian Universalism.

We offer a Faith Formation experience drawn from our Unitarian Universalist traditions, which affirms the great spiritual truths of all religions. We seek to assist each child in nurturing a spiritual life, ethical awareness, Unitarian Universalist identity, and faith development. The Religious Exploration Committee and the Coordinator of Religious Exploration carefully choose our curricula that best fit these objectives in age-appropriate groupings.

Cooperative Religious Exploration Information

2016-17 Sunday School - Cooperative Religious Exploration Offerings

Calendar for 2016-2017

Family Handbook for 2016-2017

Worship for Children and Youth (Grades K-12)

On most Sundays, children begin the morning in the Sanctuary with their families at 11:00 a.m.  Early in our worship service, a story, song, or discussion is presented by the Director of Religious Exploration, Minister, or special guest.  The congregation then joins in singing the children to their classes.

Our Intergenerational Community

Throughout the year, worship, activities, and special events are planned that bring together all ages in the spirit of faith, fun, celebration, and community. Our multi-generational worship services include Homecoming, Easter, and our Coming of Age Challenge Worship. At other times, all-church events are held that are meaningful and fun for all.

Returning Child and Youth Registration

For those children and youth who are returning to our program, an RE Renewal Form will be distributed to families in May of each year.  The form will ask parents/guardians to verify current information about your child and/or provide updated information. The information on this form is what is required to ensure we have important information and are complying with safety guidelines.

New Child and Youth Registration

For those children and youth who are enrolling in the First Parish RE Program for the first time, registration will need to be completed via this on-line form:  RE Registration Form.  The information requested helps us get to know you and your child, and assists us in creating the best possible classroom experience.

Guest Child and Youth Registration

Visiting children are invited to participate in our Religious Exploration program.  Children are also welcome to remain in the sanctuary with their parent/guardian.  Guests are asked to fill out a Guest Registration Form so that we may know you and  your child, as well as to gather important information to make the first classroom experience a great one!

Volunteering in our Cooperative Religious Exploration Program

To keep our Religious Exploration Program extensive (Nursery through 12th grade) and vibrant, all adults with children in the Religious Exploration program are expected to participate in some way.  We welcome the participation of adults without children as well.  The Religious Exploration Committee supports an environment for children and their leaders that is inspiring, engaging, and meaningful.  As a volunteer, you might choose to teach in a classroom, mentor, serve on the R.E. Committee, help greet new families, chaperone trips, or help with holiday and intergenerational events.

Cooperative RE Volunteer Opportunities

Following best practices, volunteers are expected to agree to a background check, sign a Code of Ethics Statement, and help us insure that there are always two adults present with our children and youth.

See the Church Newsletter for monthly announcements.

Should you questions about the RE Program please don't hesitate to contact our Coordinator of RE - Laci Adams at

Online RE Form