Remember When

As we transition into our final months with our Interim Senior Minister, the Rev. Rebecca Bryan, we want to be sure and “remember when." We are doing this to remember and celebrate our learnings during this interim time, to acknowledge when we made mistakes or might have done things differently, and to lift up the gifts of our shared ministry. We will be including a memory in each week’s Weekly Update from February 8th through June 28th – meaning that we will have 21 written memories of our time together.

Please feel free to email your memory to Rev. Rebecca. Depending on the response rate, not all memories may be able to be shared in our Weekly Update, however they may appear here on the website. If we have a sufficient number, we will post them in Lyon Chapel. For the purpose of inclusiveness, we will not repeat themes or memories.

New Name: Parish Board

Remember when we voted to change the name of the Parish Committee to the Parish Board. This seemingly small change demonstrated our willingness to be open to current practices and to make changes that reflect who the congregation is, and who it is becoming. The congregation voted on this change unanimously. 

Slides During Worship

Remember when we made the commitment to project slides for our hymns, affirmations, and beautiful images during worship twice every month? Remember how we loved this and immediately wanted more?! Remember how good it feels to look up while singing joyfully? Thank you to our amazing tech committee volunteers who make this happen!

This helped us to see that we love worshiping and singing together, and that change is a comfortable, appreciated part of this congregational culture.

Turning the Chairs

Remember when we turned the chairs on the chancel in the sanctuary to face outward, so that the minister and worship associate faced the congregation?
This was one of our first changes together. It was an early success and foreshadowed the importance of different groups talking with one another to come to a decision. In this case, the minister, staff, deacons, and worship associates made this joint decision.