Racial and Immigration Justice: Take Action This Week

We encourage you to save this link and check it early in the week. Action opportunities will be posted on the website each Monday.

In these especially challenging times it can be overwhelming to decide how to make a difference. The Diversity Caucus wants to help FPB members increase our collective impact in the critical work of racial and immigration justice and, at the same time, build supportive community.

For more information, contact Martha Leader or Almas Dossa.

1. Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

See meeting times below to be part of an enormous and authentic network of activists of varied backgrounds focused on building a real movement to fight the evils of systemic racism, rampant militarism and poverty.

Phase two work: Work must be more relational and intentional. We will further the vision and moral tradition that has united us while moving from wide recruiting to deep canvassing.

Mission: To further the 90 days of Poor People's Campaign in the Metro Boston area while coordinating with the National Campaign and allowing our various members to branch out interdependently and provide the basic and targeting training and skills needed to conduct a successful deep canvassing effort that leads to deep relational connections, voter registration and people activation.

Date Location Time Organizers Skill

Thursday, August 2

Roxbury Innovation Center
2300 Washington Street, Boston

6:30pm -8:30pm

Vaughn Goodwin, Marcelle Grier

Introduction to the Overall Plan

Thursday, August 9

Roxbury Innovation Center



Agitation, Hope,

Thursday, August 16

Roxbury Innovation Center



Urgency, You and Solidarity

Saturday, August 18

UU Urban Ministries



Day Training for Canvassing and  

Monday, August 20

Roxbury Innovation Center



Preparation Session for Launch of Deep Canvassing

Thursday, August 23




Deep Canvassing Day 1

Friday, August 24




Deep Canvassing Day 2

Saturday, August, 25

UU Urban Ministries



Speak Out and Deep Canvassing 3

2. Beyond Bond & Legal Defense Fund

More than 1,000 people are held by ICE every year in South Bay House of Correction in Boston. Some are from our local communities, others are sent to South Bay from the border and have no family or friends in Boston, but everyone in ICE jail is cut off from community support, legal recourse, and basic human rights. The new fund bonds our neighbors out of detention so they can be reunited with their families and have a chance to fight deportation. Please help us raise $100,000 over the next two months. Organized by the Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network (BIJAN, pronounced "Beyond").

Donate and view more information

3. Black Lives Matter Boston Giving Campaign

PAYPAL for donations is . For longer range, recurring support join Campaign21 which moves us from emergency, crises driven giving to solidarity sustained giving.

Join Campaign21

4. BLM Boston live on Insight Radio

Every week on Thursday at 7pm, Black Lives Matter Boston hosts a radio show featuring members of the black community in Boston who are doing amazing things.


5. Standout for Black Lives Matter by Dorchester People for Peace

When: Thursday, August 23, 5:30 pm

Where:  Ashmont T Station

Spread the Word! All are welcome! Hold our banner and Black Lives Matter signs and hand out fliers.

6. Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network

This network is collecting information from folks in the Boston area who want to participate in supporting those caught up in the harm of our racist immigration system through court accompaniment, rallies, vigils, rides, letters, fund-raising for bonds and family support, etc. We are a network of faith communities and other activist groups working to reduce the escalating harm of our immigration system in the current political context. Our volunteers are mostly allies and we are working closely with immigrant communities and immigrant-led organizations. We will reach out with specific asks as they emerge and appreciate your involvement and support!

Members and friends of First Parish in Brookline have participated in accompaniment roles, which take a variety of forms, and hopefully more of us will be able to do so.

Fill out the Volunteer Form

Donate to support those at risk of deportation