Worship Schedule

December Ministry Theme—Acceptance and Encouragement

12/1: Returning to Where We Came From - Where do we go in hard times? To what sources do we return for nourishment? Where do we find light this time of year? We will look for stories in our UU sources for hope and joy. Jud Wolfskill, Ministerial Intern, preaching.

12/8: Our Annual Christmas Pageant - Here at First Parish, for Christians and non-Christians alike, there is something about this tradition that has captivated us for over 100 years. What moves us about this reenactment, what relevance does it hold, and how can we find deeper meaning for ourselves today? Laci Lee Adams, DRE and Rev. Lisa preaching.

12/15: Embracing the Darkness: Finding the Blessing Within - As the days grow darker many of us move inward, into what has been called “an ambiguous grief.”  Life changes, losses, memories, regrets, all can cause some of us to feel less than joy-filled at times. Let us reach together for the gifts of grace; finding connection, healing and comfort in the holiday season. Rev. Lisa preaching.  

12/22: Winter Solstice: Carrying the Light - The darkest night of the year has passed. Together, we bring light into the unshadowing days, as we prepare to enter the new year. With candlelight and seasonal music, we honor this ancient celebration of darkness and light. Rev. Lisa preaching.

12/24: Christmas Eve - By Way of the Heart - In our annual service of readings and carols at 5:00pm, we consider that Wise Women also made the journey to Bethlehem to greet the birth of the child and offer their own gifts. These offerings of the heart, treasures of the feminine, can be ours today as well, in this season of joy and expectation. Rev. Lisa preaching.

12/31: Living Into Our Deep Connection - We are deeply, profoundly connected to the world around us. As we go about our days, we can become more mindful of the vast interconnectedness of all life. As we grow our awareness and wonder, we also may be inspired to do more to take care of our Earthly home and her inhabitants. Rev. Patricia Hatch preaching.

Yearlong Ministry Theme for 2019-2020: Living Our Faith Heritage

Monthly Themes

Sept. 2019

The Interdependent Web of All Existence

Oct. 2019

Inherent Worth and Dignity

Nov. 2019

Justice, Equity, and Compassion

Dec. 2019

Acceptance and Encouragement

Jan. 2020

The Search for Truth and Meaning

Feb. 2020

Conscience and Democracy

Mar. 2020

Mission and Vision

Apr. 2020

A World Community of Peace, Liberty and Justice

May 2020

Mystery, Wonder and Prophecy

Jun. 2020

The Sacred Circle of Life