Worship Schedule

October Ministry Theme—Inherent Worth and Dignity

October 6, 2019:  In Celebration of Our Lives: A multigenerational service focused on the uniqueness and beauty of each one of us. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of our differences in song, movement, story and art. Rev. Lisa preaching.

October 13, 2019: The Future of Our Land: "These lands are the sacred lands of many nations. Natives aren’t just stewards. These lands have an indigenous future." These words come from a anonymous artist from the Ramapough Lenape nation. As we reflect on the best ways to honor indigenous people’s day, let us also incorporate a reflection on what it means to support, rally for, and imagine a indigenous future. As a people often disconnected from the land, let us figure out ways and paths to reconnect that do not damage communities, but instead support them. Rev. Jo Murphy occupies her time as a research assistant, wedding officiant, and dreaming into being a holistic women’s center. Jo enjoys runs that end in brunch, art museums, and limericks. She can be found swimming in oceans, lakes, and streams all the way up to November. 

October 20, 2019: We Begin Again in Love: We humans are imperfect beings. Even so, can we find it in our hearts to forgive ourselves and each other, to start over, once again, in love? Rev. Lisa preaching.
There will be a Communion Service following this Sunday's Worship Service.

October 27, 2019: Sankofa - Confronting Racial Injustice: Rev. June Cooper, Executive Director of Boston City Mission preaching. June is a visionary and compassionate leader and strategically focuses on homelessness prevention.

Yearlong Ministry Theme for 2019-2020: Living Our Faith Heritage

Monthly Themes

Sept. 2019

The Interdependent Web of All Existence

Oct. 2019

Inherent Worth and Dignity

Nov. 2019

Justice, Equity and Compassion

Dec. 2019

Acceptance and Encouragement

Jan. 2020

The Search for Truth and Meaning

Feb. 2020

Conscience and Democracy

Mar. 2020

Mission and Vision

Apr. 2020

A World Community of Peace, Liberty and Justice

May 2020

Mystery, Wonder and Prophecy

Jun. 2020

The Sacred Circle of Life