Worship Schedule

January Ministry Theme—The Search for Truth and Meaning

January 5, 2020: How to Fail Better: How do we learn and grow from those experiences that feel like “failures”? As we move into a new year, with renewed goals and resolutions, let’s find hope in the face of our inevitable shortfalls. We also welcome new members to covenant with us on this Sunday. Rev. Lisa preaching.

January 12, 2020: Mend and Repair: What does it take to heal what's broken between us? A reflection on the legacy of slavery, the ongoing challenge of racism, and how we build relationships from there. Rev. Mary Margaret Earl will be our guest preacher. Rev. Earl is Executive Director and Senior Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry. She is on the Faith in Solidarity leadership team, which works to connect faith leaders with those impacted by poverty, and serves as co-chair of the Roxbury Cultural Network. Prior to her arrival at the UU Urban Ministry, she spent 10 years at a faith-based nonprofit in RI serving the homeless community.

January 19, 2020: Honoring the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: We will consider what message, what call to action, the life and words of Dr. King offer us today. Rev. Lisa preaching.

January 26, 2020: Rev. Aisha Ansano will be our guest preacher. Rev. Ansano currently serves as the Youth Program Coordinator at First Parish UU of Arlington, MA, where she gets to work with an amazing group of high school youth who inspire her every day. Aisha is excited about the intersections of food, spirituality, and community, and looks forward to continuing to find ways for them to all fit together in her ministry.

Yearlong Ministry Theme for 2019-2020: Living Our Faith Heritage

Monthly Themes

Sept. 2019

The Interdependent Web of All Existence

Oct. 2019

Inherent Worth and Dignity

Nov. 2019

Justice, Equity, and Compassion

Dec. 2019

Acceptance and Encouragement

Jan. 2020

The Search for Truth and Meaning

Feb. 2020

Conscience and Democracy

Mar. 2020

Mission and Vision

Apr. 2020

A World Community of Peace, Liberty and Justice

May 2020

Mystery, Wonder and Prophecy

Jun. 2020

The Sacred Circle of Life