Worship Schedule

September Ministry Theme: Flow

September 13: Ingathering Sunday: Our Lives Flow On. We come together again, not in person, as we would wish, but in the spirit of love for each other and this community. We’ll have a virtual water ceremony and also invite you to bring water to a vessel on the church porch next week (see note below). We’ll also bless all of our teachers and students as they begin an unusual school year. Rev Lisa, Keith, Laci and Jud will all be there – please plan to join us!

September 20: Going Against the Flow. Working for justice, struggling to make a better world, is holy work and it often feels like swimming against the current. Right now, we're in the midst of the high holy days of the Jewish calendar, when the sounding of the shofar calls us to unity in the battle for justice. This is an uphill, upstream moment; one that calls us to remember our actions, right our wrongs, and refocus ourselves for the year ahead. Please join us! Rev. Lisa preaching.

September 27: "The Narrows" A "narrows" is a segment of a body of water where the flow is narrower and rushes faster and more intensely. We are living in a kind of narrows between now and the election in November: it feels like the waters of our culture are fast-moving and dangerous right now. How does our Unitarian Universalist faith inform life in a narrows-time? How do we influence the pour of the current and our direction in it? Jud Wolfskill preaching.

Online Streaming

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue streaming all of our summer services online using Facebook Live. Go to our Facebook page at 11 am on Sundays to view the services. The order of service will be posted each week on the home page of the website.

You can also view many past services on our Facebook Videos page or on our website.