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March Ministry Theme—A World Community with Peace, Liberty, and Justice for All

Sunday, March 1: How to Do Nothing, and Get Closer to Everything. Taking our attention off screens and media, consciously choosing to direct it outward, especially to the natural world, can be life changing. We'll explore how "doing nothing" can put us more in touch with the life around us, bringing more peace to our lives. Rev. Lisa preaching.

Sunday, March 8: In Praise of Women! On this International Women’s Day, join Michele David, Lilly Marcelin and friends in celebrating the resilience, spirituality and wisdom of women the world over, with dance, music, poetry and more. Feel free to bring a special object, photo or other contribution to add to our Celebration of Women altar and get ready to move! Rev. Lisa preaching.

Sunday, March 15: The Power of Prayer: Finding Our Way into Deeper Connection. Many of us have limited or no experience with prayer, which may seem “too religious” or even foreign to us. Yet there are times we feel the need to connect with something greater than ourselves. Learn how one UU found her way into prayer, for herself and for others. Rev. Lisa preaching.

Sunday, March 22: Sacred Words In a time when language is used to deceive and disempower, perhaps it is time we examine our relationship with words and their power to uplift and free us. Literary performer, Regie Gibson will explore the concept of Sacred Words and the need to reclaim our spiritual lexicon.

Sunday, March 29: Building a World Community of Justice and Healing. On our annual Canvass Sunday, we will celebrate how our congregation works toward the realization of our UU 6th principle. Bringing together our time, talents and treasure, we are building our own community of love, justice and healing to serve each other and the world.  Rev. Lisa preaching.

Online Streaming

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be streaming all of our services on Facebook Live. Go to our Facebook Page at 11 am on Sunday and scroll down to find the live video. You do not need a Facebook account to access the video. The order of service will be posted each week on the home page under "Join Us This Sunday!"

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Yearlong Ministry Theme for 2019-2020: Living Our Faith Heritage

Monthly Themes

Sept. 2019

The Interdependent Web of All Existence

Oct. 2019

Inherent Worth and Dignity

Nov. 2019

Justice, Equity, and Compassion

Dec. 2019

Acceptance and Encouragement

Jan. 2020

The Search for Truth and Meaning

Feb. 2020

Conscience and Democracy

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A World Community of Peace, Liberty and Justice

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Mission and Vision

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Mystery, Wonder and Prophecy

Jun. 2020

The Sacred Circle of Life