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Religious Exploration for Adults

On Purposes and Principles

Led by Eliza Blanchard (

Based on a slim volume of essays of the same name, this group will meet to share thoughts and experiences about the principles, discovering how they came about and why, and what good they might be to us seeking to add greater purpose to our daily lives. Sign up at coffee hour or at the Engagement Faire on 9/23.

Meets on the following dates: 10/23 (Dana Room); 11/6 (Peterson Room); 11/27 (Dana Room); and 12/11 (Peterson Room) all from 7 to 9 pm.

Small Group Ministry

Organized by Jeff Cadow (

Intentional, mindful listening to others in facilitated, structured, monthly meetings of eight or fewer people is a non-frightening, manageable (two hours per month) way to build a strong social network that might increase your sense of optimism, hopefulness, belonging, and resilience, according to research and first-hand accounts of First Parish members. That’s a good payout for a relatively small commitment.

Meeting times are TBD, likely to be a weeknight.


Organized by Anne Copeland ( and Jamie Redgrave (

Evening Vespers provides a chance for more intimate and reflective worship. Offered once a month. the second Sunday of the month, at 7pm. Starts October 14 and is offered through to May 12, 2019.

Seasoned Souls group

Organized by Sue Andrews (

This group reflects on the spiritual resources needed in aging. It is currently a closed group. If enough people are interested, we would consider starting a new group, so please leave your name and contact information with Sue Andrews or Eliza Blanchard ( We’d love to be able to offer this to more people.

Other Engagement Opportunities

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